Dowsing in energy medicine

Energy medicine and energy dowsing are all about vibrations. Everything vibrates! Even a piece of paper vibrates at molecular level.
We can detect these vibrations as well as we can "charge" or embed vibrations in any object.


Dowsing is using a pendulum or divining rod to find information normally not available through our senses or scientific instruments.

     It may be searching for water or minerals, checking vitamins, supplements and food, dowsing stock market, spiritual and distant healing and other alternative healing methods. There is also a technique of dowsing without any tools, called deviceless dowsing. Radiesthesia refers to vibrational nature of matter and energy and basically means: dowsing applied to holistic health.

       Dowsing allows  access to information that is not available to us through our conscious mind and also helps in developing our intuition. First you try to get to the state of relaxed concentration, then by asking carefully worded question you open a "channel" of communication and receive the information you seek; your body amplifies that signal and displays it through dowsing tools - pendulum or divining rod.

     Pendulums and divining rods are nothing else but an indicator of what we already know through intuition, acquired through our body acting as a receiver and discriminator (tuner), a needle of the meter, so to speak. Although the exact source of the information or the way it enters our subconscious mind is not well defined, the most important thing is - it works!


Holding a Y-rod: arms along the body bent at 90 degrees in elbows, palms up holding the rod in a "dynamic balance".


Holding a pendulum: the string or chain held between the thumb and the index finger (some use their middle finger as well).

Why there are so many different pendulums? I think it's a matter of a personal preference, one dowsing pendulum is more suitable for one task, another one is  more sensitive then others, some have special qualities that make dowsing tasks easier.

    Generally I divide dowsing pendulums into 2 major groups - simple pendulums and pendulums with their own radiation (shape or form radiation). Majority of pendulums fell into the first group - conical, ball-shape, teardrop, spiral, made out of brass, copper, crystal, wood, ceramics, etc. The second group requires more attention to detail, as variations in their shape may affect the strength and vibration rate. Osiris, Isis, Karnak, Universal Pendulum belong to this group.     

Who can use dowsing pendulum? Apparently - almost anybody! There are very few people who don't get any dowsing reaction after proper training.

What can be pendulums used for? This can be a very long list, as more and more uses are found every day. The most popular are:

  •  checking vitamins, supplements, medications, food

  • dowsing for water and minerals (including map dowsing)

  •  checking sex of unborn babies or unhatched eggs

  •  healing (including teleradiesthesia, or distant healing, chromotherapy, diagnosing, alternative cancer treatment, etc.)

    One could classify pendulums according to their intended use, e.g. pendulums used for healing specific illnesses, pendulums for adjusting chakras, teleradiesthesia (distance healing, map dowsing), etc.

Holding an L-rod (Spanish Rod): arms along the body bent at 90 degrees, palms facing each other in a "pistol grip", rods parallel in horizontal plane.

     There is a lot of information available on the Internet about dowsing and this is my attempt to categorize it a little, so that it's easier to search for answers to your questions.



    First - there are many dowsing organizations around the world, I will mention a few here. If you feel yours should be added here - please send me a note.

     To start - you need a dowsing tool. It could be as simple as a nut suspended on a thread, a willow branch to make a Y-rod or a welding rods bent at 90 degrees to form L-rods, or you can buy a highly specialized pendulums and divining rods, some custom made just for you. There are many vendors offering dowsing tools. I found the best selection and quality of dowsing tools at  maintained by Chris Gozdzik.

Dowsing pendulums and divining rods

     If you are new to dowsing - you may want to check: for some basic instructions. There is also some good information at

There are several places that you can interact with other dowsers through either online discussion forum or a newsletter, here are some:

Gather as much information as possible, buy some dowsing tools, but first of all - start using it! 


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